Reload: The Z-Team free Diamonds for Android, Secret & Tips

Tap on the zombies to destroy them. Use a variety of weapons, grenades and other boosters to cope with a large wave of opponents. Use Secrets, or Hack Reload: The Z-Team to get a lot of money on iOS and Android. Open chests with gifts to get additional improvements, weapons and items. Go to challenging levels, where hundreds of opponents are waiting for you, destroying them you will get more experience and resources. For each killed game Reload: The Z-Team rewards with coins. They are needed to improve the survivors and create a strong character. But except for the coins in the game there is a premium currency, diamonds. With their help, you can speed up the process and remove restrictions. Buy paid weapons, improvement items and open prize chests. Paid openings bring more valuable gifts and maps for improvements. Use secrets to unlock all the items in the game.

Codes Reload: The Z-Team:

  • Bag with diamonds – QD#UXGCj
  • Safe with diamonds – 8M#dbQer
  • Disable ads – 9C#k1uVT

Use secrets to gain additional resources in the game and create a powerful team. Destroy the zombies with hordes and receive valuable rewards. Meet with the bosses and destroy it quickly using all the weapons received. Each player can use the cheats Reload: The Z-Team and get the diamonds on the account for free. Discover the hidden features of the game and get even more fun.

How to get diamonds, collect a team, secrets and tips

Free arcade strategy in which the player needs to click on the screen to produce shots. Before the start of the game, everyone has to choose the gender of the character. This does not depend on the future composition of the team. You can type the same characters and use weapons. The game has a nice graphics and interesting gameplay, but so far it is available for download only on iOS devices, but the Android version is expected.

To survive in the game, you need to improve your character after each level. Players often look for how to download mod Reload: The Z-Team on the Internet to get unlimited resources. Diamonds will be needed on the top ten levels to restore strength and increase the strength of their team. Using free purchases, a player can open chests and receive unique heroes in a team and fight huge hordes of zombies. Use secrets to save the world and the survivors of the zombie apocalypse.


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