Revolution Cheat Codes for Android, iOS, not mod Crystals and Biofuel

The developers argue that this game combines a lot of advantages, which are in a variety of action games. You too can improve the game and make it more interesting quickly and for free using Revolution hack. Do not worry, this hacking method has nothing to do with breaking the rules. You just need to access the instructions and enter secret codes, according to the rules specified in this manual. Thanks to our tips, you will become the best fighter.

Cheats Revolution for Android and IOS:

  • To get 10 times the EXP and HP experience, you need to enter the code D-fgh304gewiv, this will help to increase the level faster
  • Get + 91 000 Biofuel – Y-fht309ewdf, free code that improve the gameplay
  • 42 000 Crystals (Gemstones) – this is the main currency, thanks to which you can buy the best weapons and items

You have to fight not only with people, but monsters, various mutants and machines that want to destroy you at any cost. You are a member of elite units and on your shoulders there is a huge responsibility for the life of the whole detachment, which fulfills this mission together with you. If mutating monsters and enemy soldiers can destroy you, then they will surely get to the civilians. Monsters are truly ruthless and can destroy absolutely everything in their path.

Crystals without downloading Revolution Mod or other files for free:

Having access to unlimited possibilities in the game, you can become invincible and of course, for this purpose you do not have to download any suspicious files. Everything can be improved quickly and for free. As you already understood, the effectiveness of a variety of weapons also depends on how far you are going to shoot at the target. Often, the usual and not very expensive weapons act this way: the closer the target – the greater the damage you can inflict on it.

How to enter the codes hacked Revolution on Money:

If you want to know the exact algorithm for introducing codes – you can make a repost of this entry in social networks, that is, distribute it. What will it give you? Thus, you can read the full instructions and gain access to unlimited virtual tools, since you will already know all the secrets of entering cheat codes. Buying a new weapon will help you become the best, because the incredibly large competition and the danger from the opponents greatly reduces the effectiveness of your invested forces in the game. Get experience, enter codes and enjoy the gameplay for free.

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