Robot Strike 3D Cheats for Android and iOS, free Crystals and Gold

Manage the robots and fight desperately for victory. Already more than fifty thousand users have downloaded this game and now these gamers want to find a hack Robot Strike 3D for Android Ios. We want to please you and tell you secrets that are guaranteed to help you get a lot of Gold Stars and Diamonds in this game. Initially, you will have very little experience, resources and capabilities, but thanks to our method of hacking, you will be able to enter free cheat codes Robot Strike 3D and in just a few seconds to get precious resources. You do not have to worry about free money or additional resources. All additional opportunities will be obtained with the help of secret codes, without the investment of additional funds. You may think that this is quite difficult, but these are just myths. Our codes are completely safe and reliable.

Cheats Robot Strike 3D free for Android and IOS:

  • The most important thing in the game is to have many Crystals. Enter the code He-gth3y09g and after a few seconds on your account will appear + 28 000 Diamonds for free. This is the Vip currency, which is used to buy the best items and to improve the game.
  • Also, use the code Fl-vgh2309g. This will allow you to get + 500,000 Gold (Stars). With this code you can improve your robots and develop the game.

Surely, you might have noticed that the game is only available for Android, but it’s temporary. Soon you will be able to download Robot Strike 3D for free for both Android and IOS. Each new level in the game will start with easy tasks. Before you will be the enemy robots. Some of them will have a very powerful weapon. You should quickly navigate and use all your attention to make the right decision. Once you get more experience and resources, you can buy very expensive weapons, which is available only to the strongest players. Robot Wars is a similar game that can be easily confused with this game. This indicates the popularity of games with a similar theme.

Hacked Robot Strike 3D free Cheat codes for Android not mod

Overview of Robot Strike 3D, whether you need to download the mod to receive Money:

If you are a beginner, then for sure, you have already tried to get additional resources in other ways. But you should know that hacked Robot Strike 3D is not always true. First of all, remember that virtual currency can be obtained in many ways and most importantly – you do not have to download anything. The introduction of personal data or downloading mod files can be detrimental to the game account and to your mobile device.

Use only proven cheat codes that you see on our website. To properly control the robot and quickly respond to the attack of rivals, you must train a lot. All successful players are fans of games and devote a lot of time to the game process. But you can skip the hardest thing – earning a virtual currency and immediately go to the most enjoyable and interesting – to gambling purchases.

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