Run! Soldier Run! hack for Android, free money & Spin, cheat codes

Dozens of mini games in one Run! Soldier Run. This is a free game on Android and iOS in which everyone can experience their reaction and mind in army affairs. Perform a variety of tasks on sports training, reactions and battles with other players and earn experience. Raising his level, the player gets access to more complex tasks, new chapters have even more complex missions. Many dangers and only 3 lives to complete the task. Before the beginning of the level, the player can choose one of the boosters. Extra life, double experience, or more time to complete. All bonuses cost money, which are bought for real bucks. If you are looking for hack Run! Soldier Run !, then learn how to get money without violating the rules of the game. Using tips on entering secret codes, each player has the opportunity to get a lot of money for free.

Codes Run! Soldier Run!:

  • 99 spin on the lottery – RTB#xts1um
  • 1,700 money – BVT5#x651t9
  • 3 500 money – CBTY#dm6ojb
  • Disable ads – BVER#yn48se
  • Unlock all chapters – THTE#p63ngo

Despite the seriousness of the tasks, the game has a very cheerful appearance. Heroes in the form of troll faces and funny execution of tricks. Pull on the crossbar for a while, walk away from enemy bullets and fly on the plane. To control the game, two fingers and a quick reaction are enough. With each chapter you will be given a more complex task and less time. Using the cheats Run! Soldier Run! You can buy extra time and lives to complete the task.

The game has a nice graphics with funny characters and tasks. Go through military training to meet real difficulties. Each new chapter requires more experience, reaction and skills from you. In addition, you can have fun with the lottery and unlock additional game items. Earn the maximum amount of balls to take first place and get valuable prizes.

To get a lot of money, the player does not need to download the mod Run! Soldier Run! And risk personal data. Use free purchases and get stars, experience and money for free. Tips will allow you to play without restrictions, restore lives and get more experience while completing tasks. To use bonus codes, you do not need to enter personal information, or use root or jailbreak rights. The game will allow you to have fun, share secrets with friends.

Run! Soldier Run cheat


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