Rupee Race: Idle Simulation secre cheat codes for Cash, Gems for Android

The developers of the game Rupee Race: Idle Simulation show this game as a race. But this is not an ordinary race in cars – it’s a money race. Do you want to be the richest? If so, this game will allow you to feel like a real money magnate. Probably you already know that this game is a simulator, but at the same time there are elements of strategy in this game. This means that the player who has the right strategy becomes the richest and most famous. In order to get jewelry and gold coins, gamers make purchases in the gaming shop or are looking for hack Rupee Race: Idle Simulation. Of course, the first option will bring you a lot of virtual profits, but if you want to save your money, then it’s best to use secret codes that do not violate the rules of the game. The only thing you should do is read the instructions carefully.

Bonus codes Rupee Race: Idle Simulation for Android and Ios:

  • Add 12 000 Gems – uZ#Xx765CW
  • Add 40 000 Cash – cJ#qfSWCAe
  • Double score – eS#IXXStN2

Once you understand what the game is, you can immediately come up with the right strategy. This is a very important element that will allow you to become a virtual millionaire or even a billionaire. You yourself have to decide what you want more: just enjoy the gameplay or become a champion in this difficult battle for power and land. If you choose the second option, then cheats Rupee Race: Idle Simulation is what you are looking for.

Passage of the game, obtaining additional resources:

At your disposal is a lot of land that you can buy. In order to multiply wealth, you must improve your possessions and plant different cultural plants that will bring you a good come. The most important thing in this game is to know how, when and where to invest virtual money. Collect money in the form of rupees and improve your business.

But there are other options. For example, you can sell your personal developed business and earn many rupees. After that, you need to think about where to invest further money in order to increase profits. If you think that downloading mod Rupee Race: Idle Simulation will give you a downloaded version of the game, then you are mistaken. Better develop your account yourself, besides, it’s so interesting!


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