Sea Game free Android Diamonds, not mod. Free money and Gold

Become invincible fleet commander in the game Sea Game. Take control of the South Pacific. Here you will have the island where you need to develop your base and fleet. Protect the neighboring islands from the attack of the evil captain. Start from the bottom, having a couple of ships and a small army. Develop buildings and discover new types of ships and a more powerful army. Money in the game are needed to build and improve. Keep everything in balance, the army need a meal. Maintain and enhance the economic part and thy power. To purchase items in the game store you need gold. Diamonds can speed up all game processes. You can join the guild in the lower levels and gain allies for protection. Using tips for more efficient transmission.

Purchases Sea Game:

  • + 30 000 Food – PRYR-ZEIQ*94
  • +10 000 Gold – A8EJ-Z7L6*32
  • + 2300 Diamond – 3S0G-FRFI*21

Game events take place in the fifties of the 20th century, the last phase of World War II. Remains of Hydra trying to organize the return from the South Pacific. You need to find allies and stop the rebellion. To do this you need a lot of resources and money. Players try to get them by any means, some use hack Sea Game. How long does it work, it is hard to judge. After checking a lot of websites are not able to find a safe way that works.

Crystals and gold in the game plays an important role. They help to speed up the passage and quickly build a fleet. In the testing phase of the game, you are invited to quickly pass all levels. To do this, are using Sea Game cheats, These enable a a lot of money and quickly go through all the stages of development. Each player after the release can download the game for free from the official sources, and use the free purchase. This will save your time and quickly test all the features of a modern fleet.

Sea Game cheat

Hydra will be amplified by any means, it can use the pirates and aborigines who surround you. In your hands the fate of the world, so use the tricks for faster recovery. The developers have spent a lot of time, and you will like the result. 3D graphics in this strategy game at the highest level. After the Sea Game release for Android everyone can enjoy and explore the outside world. Together with you in the game there are millions of players with whom you can fight in PvP mode. Share your secrets with your friends, form guilds and strengthens its authority in the surrounding area.

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