Shadow Kings Cheat codes for Diamonds, Gold, Android and iOS, not mod

How to hack Shadow Kings game? Get the resources you need!

Shadow Kings – this is the newest toy, developed in the now popular “strategy” genre. Participants will have to constantly defend the fantastic world from the powerful and ruthless forces of evil. However, in this they will be happy to help valiant elves and fearless gnomes. Countless hordes of evil orcs, terrible goblins and trolls, regularly attack the city, trying to seize power over it. Confront them in the game “Shadow Kings”, the participants will be able to do it alone or with the help of neighbors, with whom it is recommended to create special “alliances”.

Cheat codes Shadow Kings for free, not mod:

  • To get 800 000 Diamonds – Bs-cfhyr039w for free
  • to get 900 000 Gold  – Gk-hf9r3wvg9 for free

Among other things, you also need to carefully work on the development of your city. It should be turned into a huge metropolis, because only so peaceful local residents will be under reliable protection of their native walls. In turn, for this purpose it is necessary to collect taxes from the townspeople. This money can be invested in the economy, as well as spend on profitable trade. Create a truly invincible army and show insatiable enemies who are now in charge!

However, if you do not want to engage in routine tax-related work for a long period of time, you do not need to download hacked Shadow Kings. Importantly, this program was developed specifically for Android and iOS. It’s worth mentioning that hacking Shadow Kings is a very small application that will be installed on a cell phone in just a few moments.

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