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Shadow of Death cheat codes

Chests, a gift code, skill points, souls, legendary weapons, crystals, wings, infinite energy – all this is cheats Shadow of Death hack. It was the turn of the gloomy slasher. The main character wakes up after a long sleep and sees that the world has changed beyond recognition. And now it is he who should bring everything in order. The main weapon is the sword and ax, which the character owns perfectly. With the passage of the campaign, new weapons, armor and amulets are issued, which significantly increase the characteristics of the protagonist or sell and help out a solid amount of money. In addition, he has a good knowledge of magic charms, from where his active skills appeared: a death blow, a sword call, a whirlwind and so on.

The hacked Shadow of Death offers:

Opened all skills, combos and is given immediately 100 points for distribution.
Cheats of the legendary weapon – get the most powerful weapon with bonuses to all the parameters. Shower codes – you can buy most equipment, weapons, craft new items and improve things. Endless energy – enjoy the game without a break, go through missions at all levels of difficulty, raise the level of the character, get more stars. Crystals are the most important currency in the game, for which you can buy wings, legendary chests, showers and much more. Gift Codes – sets of things, crystals, energy recovery, skill points and much more ..

Cheat codes Shadow of Death + bug fixes and bugs:

1. gp75445D
2. pj4573GH
3. uT36432kz
4. 9b9679MW
5. 5N8658sA
6. mu9567wlX
7. hU543wdp
8. uA56734fW
9. EN8642f1
10. il754329o8

Shadow of Death android cheats, tips for passing

Skills: A mortal blow – hit the enemy with a two-handed sword. It is possible to impose a burning status. The target will be thrown up (can be activated in the air).

Shadow of Death hack

Crushing Force – Focuses strength in your hand, causing deadly damage by a magical attack. There is a chance to activate a super attack. Unlocking a combo mighty blow, you can perform a powerful knockout attack after an air attack. Combo onslaught – you can perform a quick attack immediately after the breakthrough.

Shadow of Death hack

Tips Shadow of Death: there are three types of complexity – insanely, difficult and normal. From the chosen mode depends the amount of experience gained, the falling chests and gold. To put out equipment for getting showers and rare objects, despite the characteristics of protection, attack, evasion, etc. Spend skill points on passive skills, because they give the biggest bonus in the game. To use cheats of hacking wings, legendary weapons, in order to quickly pass missions and get three stars for the task. The more stars – the better the chests can be opened.

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