Shadow Skate Cheat Codes for Gold Coins and Guide for free without mod downloading

A new arcade game Shadow Skate is available for Android and Ios can make you a real skateboard fan. The main idea of ​​the game is that the hero is not visible, but only his black silhouette is visible. As much as you do not want to get rewards in the game, you can not do it without certain skills. You can get a deserved victory and break the record only after you learn how to properly manage the game process. This is not at all difficult if you devote enough time to the game. This can be regarded as training for which you receive money – in the game it’s gold coins. Some players try to get them by hack Shadow Skate, but very often this method can be very dangerous for your account and mobile device. But do not make premature conclusions. Read this article to the end and you will learn the secrets thanks to which you can get a lot of gold coins quickly and for free.

Bonus codes Shadow Skate for Android and Ios:

• 28,000 Gold Coins – Nk # _d39wfrj
• Double Score – Bs # _d83ixjo

Thanks to the codes that you see above, you can get enough game currency in order to show off your results to your friends. Perfect your character and do not save Shadow Skate gold. You do not need to do this anymore. If you break, then immediately after completion, the game will prompt you to continue passing the level. It’s like roulette. You can spend money and lose again without doing the trick, or you can continue and earn triple bonuses.

How to correctly enter cheats Shadow Skate, secrets, guide, a lot of gold:

If it is important for you to have enough resources in the game and the above amount of gold coins is not enough for you, you can repeat the input codes without downloading Shadow Skate mod. This gives a lot of privileges and, of course, the convenience in using these secret codes. With each level, you will notice that more obstacles begin to appear on the road.

This means that further it will be even more interesting and without gold coins there just can not do. But your hero will also be much quicker and faster thanks to you and your skills. Get access to the instructions, buy everything you need in the game store and enjoy the game. To do this, you just need to share this article in social networks.


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