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Free game Shadowbound is a new RPG style game released on all browsers and expending a minimum of resources of your device. In the application, the user has to make a choice between three types of classes of fighters: a warrior, a magician, a hunter. Each class has both female and male characters, as in principle and all games of this genre.

Cheat codes Shadowbound for Android and iOS, not mod:

  • Sacred Ore – 7-vb9w38
  • Experience – U-nv9332we. Increases the level of the character by one.
  • Gold – B-2 qwf83d. It is given half a million of money – gold coins.
  • Improvement of all characteristics by 50 points – h-fnf893efw
  • The ore of abilities is q-fnv983. Raises the combat characteristics of hired mercenaries and the more it is, the faster you can pump out any character.
  • Hollow ore with rating – A-fnb98c
  • The stars are 0-tb3489brf. It is necessary to activate the guardians.
  • Legendary mercenaries – j-fb439e
  • Honor – d-2qwfrf
  • Improve the character – 4-39efba. Raise the rating.
  • ten thousand vouchers – z-nfb983
  • Spheres of the keeper – o-fht0239ef
  • View all custodians – m-3b298f
  • Horse – u-fb3298rf
  • Horse animal to maximum – 8-38wegfh

Old people talk about a sacred artifact hidden in the foot of one of the powerful magician under the name of Lilit Pike. Many desperate to get this item heroes disappeared in a vain attempt to get a powerful artifact. Only the elect can save this world, and this person is you.  Equipment can be improved with the help of sacred ore, greatly increasing the protective and attacking characteristics of the selected object.

Shadowbound hack

Cash without downloading Shadowbound mod apk:

Also in shadowbound is the mysterious level of the black priest, in which to conquer you have to subdue the elements. It is necessary to move slowly here by clicking on each of the plates, along the way finding chests with various objects and gold. To tame the elements you need to defeat the Boss at the end of the room. But do not forget that the number of possible steps is limited, but you can increase them with the help of cheats on shadowbound presented below.

Shadowbound secrets of the game, fast passage

You can also hire auxiliary mercenaries. Each of them improves the characteristics of the detachment in its own way. There are also four classes of mercenaries: close combat, magic, defense, support. The higher the team level and the more powerful the equipment, the higher your combat rating is in shadowbound and you will not crush it.

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