Shoot the Dragons free cheat-codes for Gems and Coins (not mod)

Shoot the Dragons game on Android and ios where you play the role of the brave warrior. This is a horizontal shooter game in which you need to endlessly to fire against the Dragons. The gameplay of classic arcade shooter where you have to fight with the waves of attacking dragons. After passing through the levels you will meet with the boss. Are you ready for battle? The game can be downloaded for free, but it contains a purchase. Gold coins and precious stones will allow to improve a hero, buy extra lives. To get them, you do not need to spend money, or download mode. Free purchase and bonus codes to allow resources to receive a small amount of charge. This will allow you to unlock new pets in the game and use more powerful weapons. Use the secrets to unlock all items in the game store.

Shoot the Dragons cheat codes:

  • 1760 Gems – SU#w6wDlV
  • 19 740 Coins – ZX#ksVQRl

This addictive game with endless battles. Modern and bright graphics and dynamic gameplay will give a pleasant pastime. Do not expect serious skirmishes, the game has a modern design and humor. Before the battle with the boss he will amuse you with kisses and hearts. But do not expect mercy from him, use the whole arsenal of weapons to destroy the enemy faster. Many sites offer hack Shoot the Dragons, but the game can do without such action.

The codes allow to obtain the necessary resources for free and unlock all items. Control of the game is standard. With one finger you can move the character on the field, another to make shots. Victory will not be reached if you do not have a powerful weapon. Waves of dragons is increasingly, so weapons must match your level. The more dragons will be destroyed, the more coins you get.

Shoot the Dragons codes

Precious stones are the premium currency. For them, you can open any item and get brave assistant. It will help to cope with enemies. Cheat Shoot the Dragons does not violate the rules of the game. The game has a story, reading it, you get a full understanding of the world. Using the tips, you can unlock the assistants and get all the items from the game store.


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