Siege Guardian TD free Gold, Diamonds, free cheat codes for Android

Create your own army and fight with the dark forces in the game Siege Guardian TD. Download for free on Android and enjoy exciting battles with famous heroes. Use in the team of George Washington, Cleopatra and Thor. Spread the enemy to the nines and quickly raise the level. Unlock all items, weapons, to equip your army and strengthen it. Everyone in the game will need a lot of money in the form of gold and diamonds. To get them, you can use Siege Guardian TD hack, or buy resources for real money. Bonus codes will replenish your account in a matter of minutes, just follow the advice on entering. They work on all devices and do not require downloading mod files, or entering personal data. Summon legendary heroes to your team, raise their level, train new skills to destroy the enemy.

Codes Siege Guardian TD:

  • 45,650 gold for free – Ou#MJVE8
  • 5 430 Diamonds – QW#QHn8p

Participate in TD battles, tighten the RPG part to take a worthy place in the defense. Turn the course of history, call the legendary heroes using a spatially temporary bend. Defend peaceful people and stop the advance of dark forces. To get a lot of money, the player does not need to download Siege Guardian TD mod, or enter personal data. Bonus codes in the game allows you to build and improve without limits.

Review of the game, secrets and tips for passing

Free TD on Android, with ample opportunities for RPG development. The game has a nice graphics, a lot of new characters and already known. The main part of the game takes place on the base, equip your team before the fight. Raise the level of individual fighters, train them in new skills and buy more powerful weapons. Hundreds of battles with the Dark Army requires a lot of resources. To play for free, you can make free purchases in the game.

Diamonds are a premium currency, bought for real money. They unlock access to famous heroes and allow you to buy paid items. Collect the team and go into battle. Summon heroes, destroy the enemy towers and free the continent from the enemy. Cheats Siege Guardian TD for gold and diamonds allow you to quickly go through the game and enjoy endless resources. Use secrets, and unlock dozens of characters.


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