Siege Raid hack Android Cheat codes for Gems, Coins and Energy

Strategic battles in real time on Android and iOS. Siege Raid is a fun game to mobile devices. Choose your race, develop strategies and get involved in the battle. Collect powerful cards, and create a powerful team. Each card has its own skills they can develop and improve. You can download the game for free, but the game has a game store. Where money can buy gold coins and precious stones. The crystals are donate currency, so many try to use hack Siege Raid, to get a lot of money into the account. But everyone should know what resources can get free, without breaking the rules of the game. Bonus codes allow you to speed up all the processes in the game and gain a significant advantage.

Siege Raid cheat codes for bonus:

  • 100,000 gems – Dl0my-B3Q9F
  • Restore energy – NH51D-ybA5M

By participating in the battles, you’ll improve your level. This will unlock access to more expensive chests and maps. Gather different characters that will allow you to combine command and get a unique opportunity. Using the skills you gain a strategic advantage over the opponent. Participation in each battle takes away your energy. This limits the time of the game, using the tips you will be able to recover quickly and continue the battle.

Many sites offer to download Siege Raid mod with unlimited resources. Perhaps you will get the visibility of these resources, but can not use them. Using the test code, you get the real resources to the account. This will allow you to quickly improve the game. Capture enemy territory and fight with your friends. Get fame all over the world and make his name known.

Siege Raid hack

The game has nice graphics and interesting gameplay. Very easy to control and a large variety to choose strategies. Battles take place with real players all over the world. Money Siege Raid can speed up the passing game. To defeat and get even more rewards and experience. The game has three types of races: orcs, elves, giants and archers. Construct your own heroic squad. Destroy opponents castles and occupy their territory. Share your secrets with your friends and get additional bonuses.


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