Skyknights Android cheat codes for free Crystals and Cards

Skyknights is a strategy puzzle game where you have to control your soldiers on a variety of maps. Each battle takes place at differing from each other hovering island. It contains paths and obstacles. Victory will depend on the correct choice of strategy and troops. You play the role of commander, command your army and lead it to victory. Defeat golems and their evil leader. The mysterious alchemist creates his own army to take over the world. Only you can stop him, using all possibilities. The game can be downloaded free of charge, but in it there is a game store. Here you can buy extra lives, crystals and other items. They allow you to go through a difficult level and be on top of the world table.

Purchases Skyknights:

  • 18 900 Crystals – mb3LBOxz4t
  • Unlock all the cards and items – kbh9AFVGQq

Mobile strategy allows you to show your strategic skills. Use of beta testing codes to get extra benefits for passage. Many seek hack Skyknights, but it can only bring problems. Money can get through the game store, is the only legal place. Here you can recover and get a premium currency, allowing to strengthen your army.

Colorful, high-quality graphics and a musical voice level should be to the soul of the biggest critics. This is not just a strategy, but also a puzzle. Here it is necessary to think through all the steps and choose a more optimal path to the enemy. Much depends on the correct choice of characters. To combat the evil alchemist you have to exert gyrus and use all the obtained resources.

Skyknights money & crystals

Islands in the game show the different regions, desert, snow-covered or wood. With unlimited resources Skyknights just enough to cope with the initial levels. All of the following requires the full attention and use of the skills of your characters. Become a worthy commander of your army. Lead it to victory over the formidable golems. The game will have a lot of updates and additions, but you can already preparing to championship. Use the secret code and share tips with friends.


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