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Smash Hit hack and cheats

“Smash Hit” will invite all fans of unusual mobile games to the surreal world. You are waited by another dimension, where attention, concentration, agility, ability to count time and contemplate external harmony is appreciated. In the glass world, at first you will find everything unusual and strange, but surprisingly harmonious. As you progress through the complex and incredibly intricate levels in the “Stunning Blockbuster” game, you will understand the secret of harmony reigning in this beautiful dimension, created with futuristic precision.

Cheats Smash Hit for Android and iOS for free, not mod:

  • Get + 800  Balls – Hs-hf039weg
  • Double all Resources in the game – Kd-fh03w9e

Interested? Then download free Smash Hit here, concentrate, concentrate and destroy everything around. In this amazing world full of unusual sounds, melodies and surrealism, there are a lot of glass objects, and your task as you go through the locations to knock them all in its path. Also, you will destroy not only objects made of glass, but also targets. The game is incredibly complex, but cheating to it will help overcome all the traps and obstacles. A free program will give you an infinite number of balls, and you can not go through the levels and locations again.

Secrets and Tips, How to hack Smash Hit and get a lot of balls?

Yes, glass targets and objects are knocked down by special balls, which in the game are limited. But if you use a free hack Smash Hit, you can easily solve this problem. You do not need to Install the program on your phone or tablet and enjoy all its features. Hacking the game will help to get as many balls as necessary to go through all the traps and knock down all the goals, paving the way for yourself in this surreal universe. The game, which can not be attributed to a particular genre variety, is characterized by an unusual musical accompaniment. For each obstacle object there is a unique sound. Have a good trip!

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