Smashy City Codes: Monster Battles Cheat codes for Gems and Diamonds for Android

The previous version of this game was downloaded more than eleven million times. For this, rather use hack Smashy City: Monster Battles and become one of the best fighters. You do not need to download the mod, since this method just does not bring positive results. Only disappointments. If you want to get more virtual currency, then surely use our cheat codes Smashy City: Monster Battles, which were invented by the game developers and for that, you do not have to worry about the security of your game account. If you have the opportunity to make a purchase in a game store, then do it. But we offer you a method that is absolutely free. It is thanks to him that thousands of players are fighting in world tournaments and buying various monsters for absolutely free. Do you want to join them? Then what are you waiting for? On our site is all the information you need. Another important element is the instruction, which you will also find on our website.

Free Smashy City Codes: Monster Battles:

  • 50 000 Gold Coins – C_fh39efid
  • 21 000 Gems – R_rh3029efu
  • Double EXP – D_h309wefu

Every monster you can buy has different skills. Thanks to this, you can select several of your favorite heroes, improve them and create a strong and invincible team. Battles take place in different locations. Using the virtual currency, you can quickly unlock all the items in the cards in the game. Also, important elements are experience. You must learn how to properly manage the game process, which in itself, will allow you to become the leader of any battle.

Gold and crystals for free without mod files Smashy City: Monster Battles:

Extra Crystals and Gold coins perform a very important function. Otherwise, if you have already found a hacking of this game, then you know perfectly well why you need to get so much virtual money. As you already knew, you do not need to download anything. Practice shows that fashion files are generally useless. See for yourself.

All battles are held in turn. After your powerful attack, the opponent’s blow will necessarily follow. You should always be ready for this. Each criterion or characteristic of your monster can be improved. Take care of this even before the battle begins. Game Smashy City: Monster Battles will reveal many secrets and give you a lot of impressions of the gameplay. Enjoy the fun of the game and read the instructions.

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