Cheat codes for free Lives, God mode, free cash, Android and iOS hack is one of the most fascinating toys of all years. Snake was created in the 1970s, and immediately stained the world with its simple. The new version of the game is already available to you. It is more modern and more exciting. Bright graphics and modern design is much more interesting than before. The goal of the game is to absorb the glowing balls of different volumes. The more you eat them, the more your snake will become. She certainly looks more like a worm. You can not crash into any other snake, because you will immediately perish and your particles will be eaten by other snakes. Competitions from who the more a snake is online, and you have the opportunity to fight real people. Whoever has the biggest snake, will be in the first place in the standings. We provide you with unique cheats, with which you will be the winner, as you will become immortal. Good luck in conquering the peaks.

Cheats for Android:

  • Use the code to have 100,000 lives in the game – JKue530l

Having mod you will have a unique opportunity to become immortal in the game, you will have many lives and will not be worried that you will lose. You no longer need to download fashions or buy special rights to devices. Simply enter the cheat code and you are immortal. Codes can be entered several times. Our cheats are absolutely safe and completely free. If you do not know how to use the codes, you can see below on our website, in the instructions.


Develop your skills and try to survive as much as you can and try to be the biggest worm. You start as a small worm, and try to get bigger with eating others who are trying to do the same. How long can you survive?

Get front of an others to beat it. No size matters.

From the creators of Cel, has no lag issues, performance problems and also have controls designed for every mobile device.

Some of the main features:

– No Lag. No performance issues on any device
– Smooth gameplay with mobile controls with joystick
– No advert push. Also remove ads if you want
– Try to beat your highest score based on your length
– Eject mass to get speed with one button
– Grow fast to achieve a faster gameplay on mobile
– Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, you are offline or online

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