Snipers vs Thieves for Android code for Cash and Gold, free

Snipers vs Thieves is a game in real time on Android and iOS. Your task will be to shoot the thieves and hinder their dark deeds. Or, on the contrary to take the side of thieves and try to rob a bank. The game has a multiplayer mode in which you choose a side. Thieves try to take money from opponents, robbing them and snipers to protect bank buildings. In either case, to win is needed skill and quick decisions. Money Snipers vs Thieves are needed to buy equipment, weapons and masks. The black market is full of different kinds of weapons and masks. Recently added to the game a certain gaiety, because you can see how the bank is trying to rob a gorilla, or the US President. The gameplay is very fun and exciting. After the thieves trying to seem ordinary citizens, and then gently push on the heel. It is necessary to closely monitor everything happening, so as not to miss any of the villain. Each player can get the resources to test different types of weapons in the game.

Purchases Snipers vs Thieves:

  • 75,650 cash, code – sHC0eXgX60
  • 15 500 gold coins, code – yhbMr1EZq6

Use these coins to have more equipment in the game. Buy powerful weapons, night-vision goggles and masks to disguise themselves. In game store a large range of accessories that want to buy. Teaming up with friends to create a cartel, such an alliance itself. In it, you can perform common tasks and get help from the community. Securely concealer before going on the deal, buying new masks have a chance to be an unidentified sniper.

Every player wants to quickly get access to all the objects in the game store. Therefore, many are looking for hack Snipers vs Thieves, to get a lot of money, or unlock all the features of the game. Using these tricks, you risk losing your account. Game Shop for the purchase of gold coins and money, this is the only way to get the resources without violating the rules of the game. Using secret codes you do not break the rules and get additional resources for free.

Snipers vs Thieves money

To win you need quick thinking and reaction. If you play a sniper, you need as quickly as possible to calculate the thieves and to prevent them from reaching the van with your friends. Robberies have a time limit, the victory and the money gets to those who managed to fulfill its task. The level of the game depends on the number of assignments. To get more experience you have to shoot the robbers head, or ideally avoid sniper scope. You do not have to download mod Snipers vs Thieves, to collect all types of masks and weapons. It will be interesting to play for both sides in the game. Use the tips to quickly gain an advantage.

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