Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle Cheats for iOS and Android, Free Gold Rings and Red Star Rings

Meet the new game for Ios Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle. These are exciting battles for speed, but here there are no vehicles. You must outrun the opponents using all the strength and speed of your character. Hedgehog fans by the name of Sonic can be happy, since he is the main character of this game. In addition, the developers have provided a very high quality graphics and sound. The game is more like a cartoon, but the main character in it is you! Are you already tired of occupying second or third place and you want to become a full champion? We can help you and you do not even need to use the hack Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle. At the moment the game is not available for Android. That’s why many people want to download it from other sites (unofficial ones). We categorically do not recommend this, as this in any case will not bring positive results.

Cheat Codes Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle for Ios and Android:

• 147,000 Gold Rings – K_49rw93widh
• 34,000 Red Star Rings – G_98we82wek
• Unlock 3 Characters – F_54nd47widx

If you can win the first place, then you will have the opportunity to open the magic chest. It contains awards in the form of gold rings, red rings Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle and a variety of characters. Despite the fact that each player wants to win the first place, it will get only to the fastest player. The first levels are based only on your real skills and dexterity.

Secrets, review and passing game:

But in order to be a champion even when the game gets harder and rivals are stronger, you should use free cheats Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle, or buy resources in the gaming shop (this requires real money). The choice is obvious, because everyone wants to save money. During the battle, you can collect various items that can increase the speed and strength of the character.

Everyone is used to think that Sonic is the strongest character, but the game proves that it does not always happen. If you want to become an absolute champion – the most important thing is that all the characteristics of your hero have been improved to the maximum. How to achieve this without downloading Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle mod? Again, the answer is simple: you must access the instructions on our website and enter secret codes. After all, not only luck and agility are important, but also good preparation.


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