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Money, gun, antidote, immortality, highlight everyone on the map, armor, relic – all this is cheats SOS. House 2 you know? So this is the same, only each participant has guns. The main characters are 16 people released to the island, where they will have to find the totems and return to point X, from where they will be taken by a helicopter. Only here is the ill luck – the totems are guarded by monsters, there are no weapons at the beginning of the game – it must be found in houses, bushes. A helicopter can only pick up three people. Here is the whole choice – to help other participants or kill all and fly away. Can they kill you?

Cheat codes SOS for Android and iOS, for free:

1. 8G8657Q2
2. 7f97543LQ
3. QU67976xoT
4. ft34634ZW
5. P86475fwD
6. P097586Mz
7. ifu9565BLX
8. QQ07956cCd

(Money, gun, antidote, immortality, highlight all on the map, armor, relic) + fix bugs and bugs of the game

SOS – like House 2 – there are players, there are spectators who can vote and throw up bonuses, weapons, etc., that the player likes. So now you need to play the audience and gain credibility. But you can also spit on all this gadyushnik and try cheats and codes for hacking into weapons, restoring health, highlighting enemies and relics, in short all the charms are described below. Do not forget to tell this article to your friends in order to break the system.

The hacked version of SOS offers:

Highlighted all players and monsters on the map – significantly facilitates the collection of items and allows you to effectively hide. Cheats pistol is a weapon with infinite ammunition. Appears immediately upon appearing on the island and causes significant damage to the enemy. Immortality – it is desirable to include when climbing a helicopter, so that no one suspects you and killed at the most decisive moment of the game. Antidote codes – save the character from infection. In fact – now it remains to look only for the relic without fear of anyone. Money, armor, relic.

Android cheats, SOS hacked version of codes

In principle, you realized that support, treachery is waiting for you, so it’s very important to find the right allies, thanks to which you can reach the finale. Monsters – in addition to the damage they inflict, they also infect and if you do not have time to weaken the infection – the character turns into the same zombie.

SOS hack

You can be cured only using collected mushrooms and berries – gathering plays an important role, using an antidote (you can find it in houses or chests), or by using cheats of the hacked version of SOS (free codes for things). When attacking a monster it is important to block all incoming attacks, which reduces all damage to zero.

Hacked SOS:

Tips SOS: when you open the machine triggered an alarm, which instantly attracts many monsters – it is better to immediately escape from this place. You can also follow the movement of the tracks on the sand, avoiding a large accumulation of critters. Papaya greatly restores the health of the character, hit the tree to collect more fruits.

You do not need to download SOS mod

As soon as we have picked up the relic – we call the helicopter and immediately hide, because at that moment the idol will try to take you away. It is advisable to use cheats on the pistol and first-aid kits – you will have to shoot back hard. The helicopter takes only those who have a relic – if you are lost at the moment of boarding, you are sent back. In addition to real opponents, all the monsters also run to the smoke bomb, so in this square it becomes really hot.

SOS Gift Codes:

1. MM7457459d2
2. pXI7536345iH
3. lRO563467m5
4. aQn753758FQ
5. 8m8547547NE5

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