Space Commander for Android, free Money and Diamonds, cheat codes

Galactic strategy that anyone can download for free on your device. Space Commander on Android allows you to travel through outer space and fight the enemies. Bring your race to victory, destroying the invaders and cleaning the territory of the scourge. For the development of your own team, you will need a lot of money. The great opportunity for the development of the game performance. And the higher the level the more resources you need to spend. With diamonds the player can speed up the process of the game and get rid of expectations. Replenished team strong players you can join the alliance. This allows you to receive support, more experience and rewards. Each player can get additional resources without downloading mods and entering personal data. Free in-game purchases using secret codes.

Game Store Space Commander:

  • 90 000 Money – Or2kLtOe
  • 10 000 Diamonds – 5RXfhu3u
  • +100 energy – 02BBCLmt

Each player tries to reach considerable heights collide with restrictions. Energy ends on the updates need to wait hours or even days. Therefore, many are looking for hack Space Commander on the Internet. Using this method you can lose your achievements and your account. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. You can get them legally only in the game store. This can be done without spending real money.

The game has 3 races and 6 characters. For them, the game created more than thirty fighting units and skills. They can train their characters and create a unique team for the battle. Each player will have a super skill that can be used for recovery. List all the possible super attacks can be seen below. Once it had been restored, you can use it for mass destruction of enemies. This should be done when them too much.

Space Commander free money

Going in the level the player meets the waves of enemies. To pass the task you need to have a strong team. Cheats Space Commander promised us to get money for its creation. Using game purchases a player receives a legal advantage in the game. This makes it easier to improve and acquire the skills. Each time you need to improve the characters for subsequent tasks. The more difficult the opponent, the more rewards you get. Spend the expedition, and fight with other players in the arena. Show your friends your achievements in the game using the provided secrets.


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