Space Legend free Spheres and Coins for Android, secret of Passing

The game Space Legend, you can become a true interstellar traveler. Choose your role, adventurer, merchant or space pirate. For different purposes in the game there are a lot of ships, allowing travel between planets. To control Recruit characters who possess a variety of skills. By increasing the level and passing tasks you unlock all crew members and uncover all the planets. There are a couple of hundred characters in the game, so prepare for a long journey. Play with friends and integrates with other players. This will enable faster to perform the mission and open all levels of the game. Use the secret codes for obtaining resources. A lot of money in the game will allow you to use only the fastest spaceships and skilled team members.

Space Legend Promo Codes:

  • 3670 Spheres – AECI-0R2BYT
  • 82 650 Coins – YV4R-637U1I

To build a successful fleet you will need a lot of money in the game. To do this, you can make purchases in the game, or use hack Space Legend. Use of hacks can harm your device and lead to blocking of your account. To protect yourself do not download mod on your device. Obtaining Root or jailbreak rights can harm your phone or tablet. Use the tips and secrets for getting money, that do not require tools. Using of free purchases will allow you to fight at the level with donate players. The codes allow you to even circumvent them to speed of its development. Now you will be able to invest in the development of his ship without restrictions. Areas of use will allow to get rid of long waits and quickly install new parts.

The main thing in the game is a battle and a lot depends on the power of your ship and crew opportunities. By increasing the level you unlock new universes. In each of these there are different classes of ships. You will be able to improve them and to change the design. Space Legend Cheats allow not skimp on the details and improvements. Speed up the passage of the game you will get even more fun. After all, the most interesting is the discovery of new planets, characters and vehicles. By increasing the level you will expand the universe which will be able to travel. To quickly access all the features of the game, join or create an alliance. In addition, you can fight with your friends in pvp mode. With these tips and secrets you can show them who’s boss.

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