Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG Android, free Gold & Gems, Cheat codes

Increasingly, developers combine several genres in the new game to attract more players. In free Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG on Andriod, everyone can enjoy the RPG part, and also collecting stones 3 in a row. Developing the character, the player expands the ability to collect large combinations and use boosters. They help to pass difficult levels and to defeat powerful enemies. Traveling on the game promises to be interesting, but you need a lot of money to raise the level. Hack Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG gives the player the freedom of buying. Raise the level of weapons, explore the dungeons in search of new items and ammunition. To get resources to the account does not necessarily violate the rules of the game. Using the game store and bonus codes, everyone can get gold and gems on the account for free, without downloading.

Cheat codes Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG:

  • 54,760 gold coins for free – Nua*xUl0r
  • 4,765 gems for free – JIz*86Zga

Use resources to open chests and receive extra items. Each fighter of your team has slots in which you can place weapons. Each subject has its own level and characteristics. Coins are needed to upgrade and modernize weapons and items. The stronger the weapon, the more damage the character will inflict when collecting the right combination. Use cheats Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG to get unlimited resources and conduct free purchases.

Review of the game, secrets and tips for passing

Three in a row with wide RPG capabilities. Battles take place in the style of collecting combinations of stones on the field, but the force of the strikes being struck will depend on the characteristics of your heroes. The player has to fight a series of monsters with a fantastic universe. Moving along the level, new characters will open. Equip heroes with powerful weapons to fight the enemy faster and inflict maximum damage.

Travel through the fantasy world in search of epic objects. Explore dungeons and fight dragons and other monsters. To have a lot of money and carry out updates to the player, you do not need to download mod Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG, or get special device rights. Money can be obtained without risks, success will depend on the skill of playing 3 in a row and the number of gold coins and crystals in the account.


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