STAR RAIDERS Cheats for Gems, Gold for Android and iOS, not mod

Imagine that in the galaxy there were real pirates of the Caribbean. If you want to find the treasure first, then use hack STAR RAIDERS. You do not have to worry, this method does not require the downloading of mod files. In order to be the best, you have to undergo tough training and get a lot of experience. In fact, it’s very easy to do this if you know how to correctly use the secrets that you will read in this article. Remember that other players from all over the world can participate in the game online. You can not foresee which of them is stronger than you. That’s why you should use cheat codes STAR RAIDERS and try to be the strongest. For this you can access the instructions. This is very important information that is on our website. With the help of these secrets, you can surf the expanse of space, as if you are floating in a vast ocean and looking for precious treasures, to fight other pirates and characters.

Codes STAR RAIDERS free of charge for Android and IOS:

  • If you want to buy a lot of good weapons and equipment, then enter the code – B-fh309wegv, it will help you get 490 000 gold coins
  • In order to buy premium items, you can get 14,000 Gems, enter – V-r439geih, this is the premium currency
  • Use the code D-fhwe9gh7 in order to block advertising in the game

All these codes will help you get a huge amount of virtual currency. With the help of free codes you can without any fears receive many virtual items and other resources. Use the Gold Coins and Precious Crystals in order to defeat the enemies and receive many medals. Become the best space pirate and rob other ships in the game STAR RAIDERS. It’s fun and interesting, especially if you have all the necessary resources for this. Get access to unlimited tools in the game and use only proven methods. All these resources and secrets will help you make the gameplay much more interesting.

Downloading STAR RAIDERS mod, yes or not. Do you need to get a lot of Gold and Gems?

This question is of interest to almost all fans of this game. In order to use all the secrets correctly you need to share this article in social networks. For what it is necessary to do? Everything is very simple. Access the instructions by confirming that you are not a bot. After repost, you can read the instructions and learn all the secrets that you are interested in.

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