Star Tanks Android cheat codes for free Crystals and Full Tank

Everyone can download for free on Android Star Tanks shooter in the near future. Here you have the opportunity to fight in a dynamic shooter in a tank, against various invasions. The game is sure pleasant to those who have played Alien Shoter. It is very similar opponents in the form of insects and various creatures that crawl in different ways. You need to not only stay alive, but also to collect enough fuel and crystals. They are needed for you to build the rocket, which will fly to another planet. And there you will find a new enemy, with new features. Arsenal of weapons will also be updated with new weapons, rockets and lasers. Different abilities will allow to get immune to any situation. Using free purchases in the game can get a lot of money.

Secret Codes Star Tanks:

  • 3760 Crystal – 2wUXoeTC
  • 3340 Fuel – 33fJoo7I
  • Double score – 0YLc3pRI

Double experience will allow quickly unlock items in the game store. Fuel in the game necessary that fill your rocket and get back to Earth. Crystals is the premium currency which allows to customize and enhance your tank weapons. If you want to use hack Star Tanks, download mod, or use the root or jailbreak rights. It is better to do without it, the purchase of the game take place online and submitted using the secrets and tips, you can easily get the right amount of resources.

The game has good graphics, a huge number of enemies, from small ants to tanks. To win you need to maintain continuous fire and protected. After passing the ordinary opponents, you have to fight with the boss. They will surpass you in size and power. You will need a powerful weapon and a quick response to win. Control of the game is very convenient and allows you to quickly respond to the changing environment.

Star Tanks codes

Go away from enemy attacks and avoid attacks against. Use all your weapons to win. The screen displays health indicators, fuel and collected crystals. The more enemies killed, the more experience and a winning player receives the level of completion. Each next planet will appreciate the new rivals and weapons. Use Star Tanks cheat codes to have a lot of money for modernization. Buy the newest weapons to get a chance to pass more complex tasks.


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