Star Wars: Force Arena free Money for Android, not downloading mod

Star Wars: Force Arena is a development on Android & iOS. Everyone can gather a stellar squad of the favorite characters and start the battle. In about a hundred characters in the game, each of them has unique abilities. It allows you to create teams with different features, which makes the battles more entertaining. Download Star Wars: Force Arena for free from Google Play or the Apple store. We will fight as is customary in this genre. 1 by 1 or 2 by 2, and tracks are divided into only two stripes that converge near the base of the player. You can play alone or team up with friends and create a guild. Although the game is free, it contains game purchases.

Purchases Star Wars: Force Arena:

  • 6,500 Crystals – D941-4Q0J*63
  • Premium Booster (14 day) – 0DCA-XF89*21

For the purchase the characters in the game there are premium boosters and crystals. These are premium currency and many are looking for hack Star Wars: Force Arena. But it could end badly for your account, or phone. Use the game store for free resources. It is safe, fast and does not require downloading suspicious files. But to win is not enough money, you need to plan your energy to call the soldiers, and strategically use their skills.

Initially, you can choose between the dark forces or the Galactic Alliance. This affects the characters, which you can see in your team. Of course there are stars in the game: Luke Skayuok, Princess Theia Emperor Palpatine, and Bossk and more. To win the match, you need to destroy the enemy base. To do this, you will have minions assistants and weapons. Your opponent will also have to summon the troops. They will be different from not only your performance, but also skills. This makes it a particularly interesting battle.

Do not afraid to retreat and go to the defense. Your opponent can calculate the energy and you move in fast counter attack. To lead a powerful team of Star Wars, you do not need to download mod Star Wars: Force Arena. Official game allows you to use promo codes. It will allow to strengthen and fight with players around the world in real time. Collect the legendary team share the secrets with friends and enjoy the game.

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