Stellar: Galaxy Commander cheat codes Android free Money and Chips, not mod

Take management of spacecraft and become a famous general. Free Stellar: Galaxy Commander game on Android will allow you to take part in exciting battles. Gather your team and go to battle. To win, you need a strategy and a strong team. Open the chest and get a strong card of heroes and ships. You will be able to use them in battle. To assemble a team with characters and ships the player needs money. They are presented in the game as gold. Often, players are looking for hack Stellar: Galaxy Commander, to get a lot of money into the account. This makes it easier to raise the level of the team and the approach to the title of the best, space commander. In addition to the gold in the game also are necessary chips to create new types of ships and upgrade old ones. Each map has its own characteristics, the stronger the team you get, the closer your victory. Using the secrets of each player can receive additional resources in the game for free.

Stellar cheat codes:

  • 7000 Chips – Lc#RV4YViPGj
  • 14,000 Gold – Yq#j7xQIcfOd

Resources allowed to participate in more complex battles and obtain more rewards and experience. Meet with other generals and use strategy and skill to create powerful units. Battles take place on a map divided into squares. Alternately, players released on the two ships. Putting the combination on the map, you can get a more powerful unit. The ships can be sent in a horizontal placement, or vertically.

Thus, each player can create a variety of combinations on the map. Who is the first cause fatal damage, he is a winner. Stellar: Galaxy Commander money are necessary to improve ships and get maps of powerful heroes. This gets more powerful attacks and create a greater variety of vehicles. Fighting can be with other players around the world, that’s the beauty of the game pvp mode.

Stellar hack android

Download Stellar: Galaxy Commander mod you can for free, but it is worth to do it only on trusted sites. The codes work on all devices, and are completely safe to use. The graphics in the game is pleasant enough, the gameplay is simple. But to play is quite difficult, because to win you have to not only collect powerful ships, but also to counteract the forces of the opponent. Knowledge of the characteristics of ships and experience in battle will help to get the victory and additional rewards. Share your secrets with your friends.


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