Stickman And Zombie free Gold Coins, Codes, Cheat, Android

If you are a fan of this game, then you already know who Stickman is. This article describes a free way to get virtual resources. It’s not hack Stickman And Zombie, as you might think. These are the usual codes that allow you to get a lot of resources for free. Stickman is a brave and fearless character, he does not care what is happening now – he will remain calm and balanced, even if a zombie apocalypse begins. And in this game that’s exactly what happens! Stickman must single-handedly fight the whole army of zombies and win, there can be no other outcome. The Stickman And Zombie game is not gloomy or scary compared to other games where zombies appear. All the characters are drawn with the help of ordinary black lines and have big heads. The main character has a weapon due to which he must destroy all the zombies that appear straight from the ground.

Bonus codes for Stickman And Zombie for Android and Ios:

  • 8 000 Gold Coins – SZ*VPY4CfZi
  • 13 000 Gold Coins – SZ*lIEoJThx

Thanks to the gold coins in the game you can buy new weapons for your hero, first aid kits that prolong life, a special potion that adds energy and various amplifiers that can speed up your hero for a short period of time. Thanks to all of the above, you can make the gameplay very interesting using Stickman and Zombie cheats. Yes, you can earn coins by simply killing zombies. But in order to remove all the restrictions in the game you must have really a lot of gold coins.

Effective secrets of passing the game, the introduction of codes for gold:

For sure, you are wondering what lies outside the game card and which level will be next. If this is the case, then you can not do without the introduction of secret codes for Android and IOS. Some sites offer to download Stickman And Zombie mod and get a version of the game in which there is already a lot of gold and all levels are unlocked. But, unfortunately, in most cases this is a lie.

You can spend a minimum of time and, thanks to a huge amount of gold coins, unlock all levels and get all the necessary items. Destroy the zombies that appear from nowhere, one stroke and find out what puzzles await you in subsequent levels. To do this, you just need to read the instruction. It is on our website.


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