Stickman Skate Battle Android cheat codes for Coins & Money, free Money & Coins

Stickman Skate Battle is a novelty from the company Djinn Works in which you can skate and compete with friends. The game will be available for free download to Android and iOS after the official release. The exact release date is not yet known, but some details and possibilities of the game have already become known. Everyone can use the game purchases to get money in the game. For coins and money, you can change the look of the character and buy new skateboards, as well as open new areas. For those who want to use the hack Stickman Skate Battle there is good news. The game has codes that allow you to get a lot of money without downloading mods and getting special device rights. Use secrets to unlock all the characters and participate in online battles. Buy items in the game store, learn tricks and increase your level in the game. Each victory will bring you rewards in the form of experience, coins and money for purchases in the game.

Codes Stickman Skate Battle:

  • 500 000 coins for free – Df#yNXOSzj
  • 2,500 money for free – Ya#d8EDvRj

These codes from the test version of the game will work after the official release of the game. This allows you to make purchases in the store and quickly get the right skills. The game is oriented to competitions in real time. To surpass the opponent you need to score more points, performing complex tricks. Battles last only a minute, the dynamics of the game rolls over. Using Stickman Skate Battle cheats, the player takes advantage.

The ability to buy the best skateboards, quickly raise the level and unlock all the tricks. Before the battles with other players, you can hone skills in the “training” mode, or by going through single missions and assignments. Money can be obtained by performing daily quests and learning new tricks. Coins and Bucks allow you to unlock characters and change their appearance.

Download mod Stickman Skate Battle from the official Google Play sites and Apple Store to ensure that these secrets work. This ensures the operation of secret cheat codes and will allow you to unlock all the items in the game. Beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, dozens of characters and tricks. Online battles, the ability to play with others and skate for free in class parks. Use tips to open all parts of the game for free.


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