Still Alive Cheat, Codes for Android – Free Cash & Gold, Tips & Guide

If you want to fight the enemies in the modern world in the form of an invincible warrior, then we recommend that you download this game, in addition, you do not need to download the hack Still Alive. There are other methods that are safer than breaking the rules of the game. At the moment the game is available only for Android devices, but the developers promise to release a version for Ios, the lines are not specified. The game is very exciting story, which will not leave indifferent any lover of games in the style of action. You are one of the five fighters who are fighting for the future, you can count only on yourself and on your strength. Virtual money and gold coins are what make your hero invincible. Still Alive is a shooter in which you have to buy weapons in order to be able to fight. The better your weapon, the faster you can defeat your rivals.

Bonus codes Still Alive for Android and Ios:

  • 9, 800 Cash – EI*joop_092
  • 12 000 Gold Coins – IE*wuqi_073

By receiving additional funds you can afford to buy any resources and items in the game store. Cheats Still Alive are secret codes for free purchases. You do not have to spend money in order to enjoy your favorite game. Having some privileges, you can make the game unforgettable and much more interesting. Now you can enjoy not only the quality graphics of the game, but also the power that you have.

Passage of levels, secrets of obtaining money:

You can choose different characters to complete the game. Each of them has different skills and can control different weapons. You must take this into account when selecting the map or locations on which the battles will be fought. These can be abandoned buildings that resemble labyrinths. The game may seem a little grim, but it’s only if you are a beginner.

Downloading Still Alive mod is something you should not do. Our codes work without downloading any files and without entering personal data.

Still Alive chet codes

This means that you do not risk anything – the only thing you have to do is read the instruction, which indicates all the secrets and rules for entering codes. Do not neglect this information, because without instructions you can not use our secrets.


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