Street Kart Racing Bonus codes, Cheat, android

Participate in racing on fast maps, download free Street Kart Racing on Android and iOS. This simulation of races will allow you to participate in endless races on different routes. Compete in different parts of the world, win and earn yourself the experience and name of the rider. There is a game store and several currencies in the game. Gold, silver, score of clothes and energy. These awards you will receive for the successful race, it is not necessary to use hack Street Kart Racing. The player can get a bonus amount of money to the account for free. With the help of secret cheat codes, you can also restore energy and continue the battles. The more you ride, the faster you will reach the level of the pros and find a sponsor. This will allow you to buy expensive items, improve skills and characteristics. This will unlock more titular leagues and win in them. Winning in significant competitions will allow you to get exclusive things and rewards.

Street Kart Racing Codes:

  • 1,650 Gold – JU*wXwBim
  • 17 860 SK – silver – Vr*lVdJH8
  • Restore energy – DS*9JAwPm

Use the advantages to win in more difficult races. Battles take place online, so you’ll need internet connections. Make free purchases to become a professional. Become a sponsor for your own success. Using cheats Street Kart Racing you can improve the characteristics of the map, buy items to improve. After recovering the energy, continue to gain experience to unlock all the game modes.

Brief overview, secrets of the passage

The game has a wonderful graphics and realistic physics. Fast race, realistic management, skidding in sharp bends. Choose a convenient control, only two pedals, gas and brake. Set up a convenient method for turning and get used to the physics map. During the race, the weather can change, it affects physics. You need to consider all aspects to come to the finish line first. Be careful when overtaking and study the map to improve your own results.

The game has many modes and tracks. Increasing the level you will be able to unlock all the modes and take part in hundreds of races. Fight online with other players and rank first. Use chat to communicate during the race. Use silver and gold to buy improvements. To use secret codes, the player does not need to download Street Kart Racing mod, or enter personal data. Use tips and get a significant advantage.


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