Suck It Up Cheat codes for i, Free iOS and Gold, money

The new game Suck It Up for Ios is a very original and addictive arcade game. You can change the whole game process thanks to the money that is in the game. The essence of the gameplay is that you must correctly control the flying saucer. While moving, you steal some vegetables from the kitchen gardens, apples from trees and even some animals. In order to get as many points as possible, you need to properly control the flying saucer and avoid inedible objects. These can be fires and other traps. If you have collected all the necessary products, you are transported to another islet. There you must do the same. The game has a virtual currency, which you can buy for real money. But why do it, if there are other methods. Secret codes are not hack Suck It Up, which breaks the rules. You can use this tricky method and get many needed resources quickly and for free.

Bonus Codes Suck It Up for Ios and Android:

  • Double Gold – PQ#EH6uhsP
  • 19 000 Gems – PQ#RIlq0XK

At this point, the game was only released for IOS devices. Developers do not inform gamers about when the official version for Android will be released. But on the Internet you can find many sites on which you are offered to download mod Suck It Up. Do not believe these tricks, it can lead to huge problems with the gaming device. In addition, our codes work only on official versions of games.

Game secrets, receiving resources:

The game is quite bright and interesting. The huge plus that brings this game popularity, is the original idea and idea of ​​the plot. Agree, a flying saucer, which steals cows and carrots – it’s ridiculous. But, as in every game, you need to get a lot of virtual money in order to improve the gameplay. Yellow diamonds are gold, which you can get thanks to passing the level.

Red cubes are precious stones. They are the main currency in the game. Cheats Suck It Up will help you get a lot of resources without breaking the rules of the game. In order to enter the codes again – share this article in social networks. Also, it will help to discover many other gaming secrets that relate to hints and objects that you did not know about before. Before entering the codes, you must read the instruction.

Suck It Up cheat codes


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