Super Pixel Heroes free Coins for Android, secret of passing

Pixel fighting game Super Pixel Heroes for your Android device will give a lot of emotions. Use the legendary fighters from different books and comics. Each of the characters has unique features. The main objective of the game is to win the battle of 1 to 1. This game is called the pixel “Mortal Kombat”. Passage the level and the battle will raise your level and allows you to unlock characters with rare abilities. Having money in the game, you can assemble a team with the legendary characters and participate in endless battles. Coins in the game play the role of money and allow you to buy and improve the skills of the characters. Using the secrets player can dramatically increase the number of their victories.

Promo codes Super Pixel Heroes:

  • 35 000 Coins – FUH3-37W4*DP
  • Unlock characters – T8Q62-87R*GS

King Kong, the characters of “Jungle Book”, zombies, robots and characters from “Living Steel”. This is a small list of participants of battles in which you have to take their rightful place. To get the rare characters, players are looking for hack Super Pixel Heroes. You can do without downloading mod files. Using the free purchases, you can unlock all the characters and get a lot of money for the purchase and improvement. This tool does not require root or jailbreak rights. The use of these tricks is safe both for your account and for mobile devices.

Control of the game is quite simple, on the one hand player can press the button to attack, the left is a button to lock the hit. Strikes were not alternately, but on the player’s experience. We need to put more punches and the opponent will start to lose body parts on your eyes. Despite the hard battle, there is always joyful conclusion. The game is really fun and its animation does not claim the right to the best fighting game. Everyone can get a positive charge. Cheats Super Pixel Heroes allows you to unlock all the features of the game. This saves a lot of time and money.


Knocks out the opponent by using different punches. Unlock all, the player can experience and see all the possibilities in the game. Knocks out the opponent first and get a reward. But victory will depend not only on the force of impact, but also the ability to dodge the opponent’s attacks. Train your reaction and occupy the titular place in the arena. Secrets often allow you to open chests. The player will find the most interesting thing in it. So you can get the unique parts of the characters and expand the arsenal of skills.

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