Super Senso Hack codes for Android, free Money – Tips, Secrets

Download for free Super Senso for Android and iOS which will transported you to the future. Corporations have seized control over the territories in the world and are struggling for the use of fossils. Become one of the corporations and fight for survival. You will start with a small base and grow as you get the resources. To get valuable territories and many resources you need to select them from other corporations and players. Attack and win, receive in reward stars, precious stones and gold. To get a lot of money for free, you do not need to use Super Senso hack. Bonus codes allow you to play at the level of donators, quickly build and raise the level. You have to become a general and control your army in the battle. The stronger you become, the more powerful your opponent will be. When challenging, you must be confident of victory, otherwise you will lose resources. But using secrets, you can always get additional keys and coins for purchases and updates.

Super Senso for Android:

  • 1 200 keystones – IBY*keoLmg
  • 3,450 keystones – BKJ*dpR7Df
  • 12 500 coins – 3Dr*dYsVqT

Use keys, stones to buy chests with hero cards, and also to enhance performance. Improve and raise the level of your characters to create a powerful team. In addition to the heroes in the trunk, equipment, or weapons, may fall out. Equip your team and engage in battles to build a corporation. You do not need to download Super Senso mod to get an unlimited amount of resources.

Review, tips and guide on the game:

Step-by-step strategy has a nice, bright 3D graphics. Interesting battles and the ability to play with friends, fight with other players. Become one of the most powerful corporations, manage the army and robots. Develop your fighting skills and get stars and move on the plot. Gather a unique team, collect cells and perform a variety of combos to quickly win.

Fighters of different types have their strengths and weaknesses, study them and combine cards in a team. More important is the level of cards than their number. Use the cheats Super Senso to make improvements, it will give a significant advantage over the opponent. Choose your favorite cards and use their skills to the maximum. Bypass enemy defenses with Shuttles, and make sudden attacks. Combine heavy artillery with Rangers and deal more damage. Also use accelerators and other boosters that will be free for you after using the secrets.

Super Senso mod android


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