Swamp Attack Cheat code for Android and iOS for free Cash, Gold Coins, not mod

How to hack Swamp Attack for money and gold coins.

Swamp attack – fresh action. It is the life and success of the player that is directly related to the speed of thought and the ability to find a solution. The main character lives in a dense swamp. Silent, peaceful life, but crazy animals and other foolish attempts to capture the dwelling of a fat farmer with a shotgun. Each level requires more skill. So you have to constantly pump out the funds for protection. The main mission is not to let a wild beast come near and grab a ranch.

Cheat codes Swamp Attack for Android and iOS for free:

  • To get 640 000 Gold Coins – GS-cfh0239
  • To get 700 000 Cash – Jk-fh8923g
  • No Ads – Po-fh0329v

In addition to the shotgun, another outfit will appear to deter aggression. For example, uzi, M-16 or flamethrower. Arsenal has explosives and various kinds of defensive obstacles. The purchase of all funds is, of course, for coins, which, as usual, we get for passing the levels. One round costs about 2000 coins, when dynamite costs 200 coins. Often there is a UFO that takes all your bonuses. Here they are 78 and they are collected in four episodes. At the end of each episode, the boss awaits us. So for the fat man “work” will be enough. Approximately from the tenth level, the full “meat” begins.

A hacked Swamp Attack will give you endless money and coins.

If you are on a level that does not lend itself to a “war”, do not get the upper hand or very little coins – do not panic. Cheat Swamp attack (Android Swamp) for Android will solve many of your problems. This is a small “weight” program, which by installing on the phone will increase the necessary resources. You just need to enter the desired amount.
Hacking for Swamp attack opens before you unlimited access to weapons and coins. Thus, a cartoon arcade will entice you even more. Powerful weapons and a stock in the money will have a serious support in the passage of bosses between the episodes, will give confidence to the player in the forces of the hero.

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