Sword of Shadows hack Android & iOS, free cheat codes for Money and Gold

Role games of a strategic genre are always very popular among gamers. At the moment you can not download free Sword of Shadows for Android and IOS. The point is that the game is in the testing phase. But it’s not a problem. After all, you have a unique opportunity to use secret codes and win all the rivals as soon as the game can be downloaded on official websites. You do not have to search for hack Sword of Shadows or some additional information. In this article you will find all the necessary secrets in the game. Each player has the option of entering secret codes in his account. This will help you to get a lot of virtual currency for free and quickly. The following are the codes that must be entered. You can enter the codes no more than a few times a month.

Cheat codes Sword of Shadows:

  • 24,000 Potion – Y7D8-YEQ4X4
  • 12 000 Gold – G4TU-FMTT8F

Starting the gameplay, you move to the ancient realm. The game has many mysteries and complex tasks. You have to fight with formidable enemies, solve gaming secrets. Every new fight can take place on a new game arena. Battles can be held both in real time and in single mode. In order to get a lot of money Sword of Shadows, you need to spend your real money. At least the game developers want this.

There are other ways. If you devote a lot of time to the game, you can probably buy all the necessary resources. But the disadvantages of this method is that you can get bored and the gameplay will no longer impress you. You can download the hacked version of the game, that is – download mod Sword of Shadows. But there are many negative and dangerous moments in this method.

Having many jewels, energy and strength, you can fight with any rivals. Buy a lot of new weapons. The higher your level, the more difficult will be the tasks and battles. If you share this article with your friends, you will learn many additional codes and secrets. Be prepared for complex battles. You must defeat and show your opponents your skills and style of battle. You can choose five different styles of battle and become a professional in each category.

Sword of Shadows  cheat codes


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