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Use hack Tactile Wars for free. Today we will talk about an amusing strategy called tactile wars, show a list of cheats for hacking and tell you where to enter these codes. So everything in order, for a start, a small overview of the game itself, which was released recently on the android platform and got no longer a small audience of fans of this application. At our disposal is a limited number of interesting little men in helmets, which will conquer for us in pieces of the territory of the global map. Developers tactile wars were interestingly presented in the form of a video game process, showing how the user will hand out commands for the opponent’s attack and defensive maneuvers.

Cheat codes Tactile Wars for free, Android and iOS:

We reviewed a lot of suggestions for the game, took into account the dissatisfaction and decided to release an update (downloading mod Tactile Wars), which will make the application on android more interesting.
1) Add tanks and artillery – P-298fqh
2) It is possible to build walls – D-f1290r
3) change the color – Q-fg238wfi
4) bug fixed after training – S-f298fw
5) View all mercenaries – L-fg2398fw
6) cheats on cards tactile wars – l-2v198fd
7) Fixed a bug with missions in the mission where the warehouse (hangar) with mines – Y-fh209rf
8) Russian language (Russifier) ​​- 4-bg28wd
9) You do not need internet for the game – B-fg29g98
10) Cheats for coins – K-g98qwf
11) Increasing the level of mercenaries (soldiers) – V-brg2w8f
12) Open scouts and sniper – G-21qddw
13) endless traps (mines, geysers, slab-traps, tesla antennas) – O-28fbcqw
14) artillery (towers, tanks, cannons, rototanks) – Z-g298wfi
15) View the boss – M-2g9fwi
16) Breaking into medals – F-2f8ui4eg
17) Prisms (crystals, diamonds) – P-g3w9f8dh

tactile wars hack

The game is in English, but with the help of entering cheats on tactile vocals you can add Russian (russifier application to android). The most important thing in the gameplay is to find the leader as quickly as possible in the crowd and destroy it, after which the whole squad will be defeated. From what the system of troops the user chooses can depend the whole further outcome of the battle. Just do not hesitate and run up to the opponent’s circle (base) and grab it, just standing in the center and holding the position until the point is captured.

Free hacked Tactile Wars for free, a lot of CASH:

After you have mastered the position it is necessary to keep the defense and do it right, so as not to lose your leader. Do not forget to call for reinforcements to strengthen your army of tactile wars (you can do this instantly and maximally thanks to the cheats in the list below).

The only drawback of the tactile wars game is that it always requires an internet connection, but this is also solved by chaking into alphabetic codes.

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