Talking Angela Color Splash free Lives & Coins for Android, Secret & Tips

Free Talking Angela Color Splash on Android and iOS allows you to play three in a row with your favorite characters. My talking Angela will now let you get to know the fashion world better. Carry out different tasks, collect stones and receive rewards and boosters. Passing levels in the game is very interesting, because after we open one more fashion element. But often players are looking for hack Talking Angela Color Splash to get coins and lives. They are needed to play without limits and enjoy the levels. The passage of each level is associated with the task to be performed. Whether it’s a set of a certain number of points, or collecting crystals. If you can not complete the tasks, one life is taken away. To restore life and try again, you need to wait a couple of minutes. To play without limits and get coins and restore lives, you can use secrets.

Codes Talking Angela Color Splash:

  • Coin purse – TA#89_#ieoEI
  • Party purse – TA#38_#eicUG

Using cheat codes for free purchases, the player receives sets of game currency from the game store. This is a legal way to get money, but buying can cost you tens of dollars. But using the instruction and following the advice, everyone can learn and use the Talking Angela Color Splash cheats. Sets of coins will restore life at any time, and also use booster.

Review the game, how to go through a challenging level

The game has bright, colorful graphics and addictive gameplay. Of course, more interest will cause girls and women. After all, there are elements of fashion. But this is not the most important thing, because it’s interesting to play 3 in a row, but you can do it anywhere. The rules of the game are simple enough and clear, collect combinations of three or more stones, think through the moves and perform interesting levels.

It’s not always possible to complete a difficult level from the first time and the lives Talking Angela Color Splash is quickly over. The desire to play with this only increases, and immediately we get offers for buying coins. And this is the only thing that is not enough for a free game. After all, they allow not only to restore lives, but also to use bonuses and boosters. And if you ask questions “how to pass the level,” then the answer is one, use boosters. This will simplify the passage and allow you to easily go further and open another fashion detail.


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