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Tank Battles cheat

Tank Battles – a modern arcade on the theme of tank battles. The game focuses on getting a fan, so do not expect it to be very realistic. In the game there are two modes: single player and multiplayer. A single mode consists of a number of levels, the advancement of which will reveal new maps, tasks, types of upgrades of your tank. At each level, it is necessary to perform various combat missions, on the complexity of which the amount of compensation depends. For the accumulated funds you can buy improvements for the tank in the in-game store. Multiplayer should not bypass, because to fight against real players is much more interesting. In addition, in multiplayer you can earn some bonuses, which will come in handy in a single campaign. Multiplayer mode is designed for 4 players. The management of the tank is simple and responsive. The movement is carried out with the help of the joystick, and clicking anywhere on the screen, where the tank looks, leads to a shot from the tank gun.

Cheats Tank Battles for Android and iOS, for free:

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It would seem that the game has no weaknesses, but there is one point – the in-game economy. Without the infusion of real money, this game is not able to unfold in all its glory. The player will not always miss coins, and some property will not be able to get money without spending money. But this minus can be circumvented by using the cheat Tank Battles. What are the advantages of this book?

Tank Battles hack

Tired of farming? Use free hacked Battle of tanks with endless money without downloading mod apk!

Hacked Tank Battles is a way to forget about the lack of money needed to improve the combat characteristics of your tank, the purchase of rare items available only for real money. Instantly pump your tank, open any level and enjoy the gameplay without any restrictions. Cheat codes Tank Battles is easy to use on any device, without requiring any special knowledge.

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