Tank City cheat codes for diamonds and gold for Android, Secrets and Tips

A non-typical action game will make you a real commander. Use hack Tank City without downloading mod. This must be done to obtain crystals, diamonds or gold coins. Do you want to be one of the best? This is quite an explicable desire. In this article we will tell you how to get virtual currency in a free and fast way. Surely, you are interested in this question. You can also use additional secrets in the game. Using these simple cheats Tank City, you do not recognize your gaming account. This game can be easily confused with the strategic. But in fact, this game is not at all similar to other tank games, for example, the game Commander of Tanks. But despite this, you will be satisfied. Since the developers provide you with a bright and colorful gameplay absolutely free. But after passing the first levels you can feel a tight deficit of the game currency. How to restore it?

Tank City codes:

  • 9,000 Diamonds – T_fg2039de
  • 990 000 000 Gold Coins – M_of8532fe
  •  No Ads – W_hr43092fseo

For sure, everyone remembers the good old game, in which tanks travel between brick blocks and try to destroy each other. The developers of this game decided to improve this action and now you have the opportunity to enjoy a simple, but very fun and exciting game. Your tank is marked with yellow triangles. This is done so that you do not confuse your tank with the enemy tank, which in principle is very easy to do.

Do I need to download Tank City mod to get diamonds and gold coins:

Immediately I want to please you, you should not download anything at all. Become one of the majority who will become a diamond millionaire in the game and destroy all rivals even at the most difficult levels. All battles take place online. Before the start of the battle, you can see with whom you have to fight. Since you will fight against real people, it is important to remember the correct strategy. Everyone has a different approach to the gameplay.

Your opponent can beat you in three accounts, if you do not have enough experience. What is required for this? First, you must distribute this article in social networks. Many people ask why this is necessary? The fact is that only in this way you will be able to unlock the instruction and enter the codes correctly. The game Tank City will open for you a lot of secrets after you get a lot of gold and diamonds.

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