Tank Headz hack Android, free coins and Double Exp, Cheat codes

Tank Headz action battle on tanks, endless, strategic battles on Android and iOS. Join the dynamic of war, destroy enemies, earn money and raise the level. Destroy as many enemies as possible to earn the maximum number of points. Occupy the first places and open additional boxes with awards. The game has a large number of tanks, weapons and opportunities for improvement. Use strategic skills to destroy rivals. Coins are needed to buy and improve your tank and its characteristics. Hack Tank Headz with the help of extraneous programs is impossible, because for the game you must have a permanent connection to the Internet. You can get money from the game store using free purchases. Double the number of coins, more award chests. Use the instruction to enter codes and get free sets with resources.

Tank Headz codes:

  • 13 450 coins – V7I3G8EK8-832
  • 21,290 coins – NS96585T9-371
  • Double coins (every time you enter the game) – VIZ5VN01E-813
  • Double experience – EMSBYS03R-834

Dozens of tanks and a variety of weapons will be available to you after using the advice provided. To unlock more powerful tanks you will need ranks. Use the code on a double experience to quickly unlock all the items in the game. Collect sets for the modernization of technology and open chests with awards. Cheats Tank Headz will allow you to quickly raise the level and unlock the most powerful units of technology.

The game has bright graphics, dynamic gameplay and convenient controls. Battles take place on a variety of maps in PvP mode. On the map, a large number of boosters, accelerators and jump points are scattered. This will suddenly appear before the enemy and gain an advantage. Create a powerful tank to surprise enemies when they appear. Use grenade launchers, rocket launchers and other weapons to quickly destroy the enemy.

At the end of time on the map, the first place is given to the player who scored the maximum number of wins. A pair of wins will open a chest with money and sets for improvements. Everyone should have an account in the game. Download mod Tank Headz and get unlimited resources in the game is impossible. Use the tips and resources of the game itself to gain an advantage. Download the game for free with Google Play and the Apple Store and enjoy an interesting gameplay. Share secrets with friends.

Tank Headz cheat codes


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