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Tank Strike hack, not mod is a great game about tanks. In the game you have to perform various tasks. You need to select the tank you want to control and perform the tasks assigned to you. You will have access to the tanks of the Second World War. At the very beginning of the game you will have access only to weak tanks. And if you pass the task successfully, then you will have money, and you can buy other tanks. You will have many assignments, a lot of money and a lot of tanks. You will fight without any support, for yourself. You need to be extremely careful, since the enemy can appear at any time. Buy the best tanks and become invincible. With the help of our Tank Strike codes, you will have a lot of money for which you will buy the coolest tank.

Cheats Tank Strike for Android and iOS:

  • To have 800 000 money for purchases in the game, use the code – gbfte548

Hacking Tank Strike on Android and iOS you will have a unique opportunity to have a lot of money for purchases and improvements in the game. Codes are very forgiving in operation. You do not need to download fashions or buy special device rights with root or jailbreak. All cheats are completely free. You do not need to worry about the safety of your device. All codes are absolutely safe and suitable for any device. All Tank Strike codes can be used many times. If you do not already know how to use them, then follow the link below on the website and in the detailed instructions will see the details.


Tank Strike – will allow you to change from high-speed cars to heavy tanks and show everyone what you are capable of stealing a multi-ton unit. You are waiting for a variety of locations, ranging from hot deserts and ending with huge megacities. Learn not only to shoot accurately with huge guns, but also with skill to evade the enemy’s path and shells, in order for your tank to always be in service, it must be constantly upgraded, increasing its fighting efficiency.

The game “Tank Strike 3D” will please you with tanks of three countries, among which there will be tanks of Germany, the USA and the USSR. At the moment, 12 battle tanks and 6 arenas for battle are available. Each of the tanks will be unique in its own way and will be adapted for a certain area, where it will be able to fully manifest itself. It is worth not forgetting about the possibility of choosing a game mode, among which will be: Team battle, Chaotic mode and other equally interesting battle modes. Forward! The conquest of the world on tanks begins today!

Tank Strike 3D – a simulator of tank battles with realistic 3D graphics.
Hacked Tank Strike 3D for Android offers the player to become a pilot of one of the powerful tanks and take part in skirmishes between casual players, as well as artificial intelligence, passing one mission after another.
The game begins with a short training, which tells how exactly we must manage the tank: to move around in the area, aim, change shells and shoot. No difficulties with the control you will not experience, because it almost completely copies the popular game WoT Blitz, which also uses a virtual joystick and a huge set of additional buttons. At each level, you will face the same task – to deal with all the enemies, moving around the location and accurately hitting the targets.
Between missions it is worth to look into the garage and in case of accumulation of a sufficient amount of money you can spend it on the purchase of new tanks, as well as spare parts that will allow you to pump its characteristics.

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