Tap Titans Cheat codes for Android and iOS

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Tap Titans cheats

The essence of the game Tap Titans – to kill as much as possible and faster monsters that appear on the screen of your mobile and tablet devices. The impact speed depends on the number of clicks on the screen of your mobile device. For each murder, you are credited with gold, for which you can improve skills, deal damage or buy assistants.Use free hack Tap Titans, unlock all secrets of the game for free.

The tap titans game is essentially endless, divided into 10 stages. At the 5th and 10th stages you will meet bosses, which need to be packed in 30 seconds, if the player manages, then he will receive a generous reward in the form of gold, diamonds, gifts of fairies and chests.

With each new improvement, your mercenary’s damage level increases and gives you more chances to go further and earn more money.

And that not a little important is the mass of techniques, skills that will help instantly kill the enemy:
1) Heavenly blow;
2) Shadow clone – call your own clone, which deals 7 hits per second;
3) Critical strike;
4) a battle cry;
5) berserker’s rage – damage for a hit of 70%;
6) Midas Hand – get 15% monster gold for each hit;
7) Prestige – start the game first, but get relics to find artifacts.

Diamonds are necessary for exchange for gold by opening chests with coins. You can also increase the power of your character’s blows.

Cheats Tap Titans for free:

  • Gifts of the fairies – DF-48efi
  • Chests – WN-e8wu
  • One Hundred Thousand Gold – AZ-tg2398
  • The character automatically hits opponents (clicker) – OY-hr0923. No need to click on the screen.
  • Rock (call the grim reaper) – KH-fh239f
  • Diamonds – PU-fg398ef
  • View all the heroes – RM-fg3290fho
  • the enemy dies from a single blow – QV-fh390ef

Cheats for artifacts Tap Titans for Android and iOS:

The hammer of a drunkard is 18-38wefcubg. The battle hammer increases the damage dealt to the enemy.
Universal fault – 17-83rfgw. A rift at the very center of the earth. It is extremely unstable and serves as a good source of energy.
Heavenly Cup – 16-903hef. A famous traveler’s cup, it brings good luck.
Shield of the Savior – 15-egd98. The famous shield is decorated with a heraldic cross of an ancient and proud race.
The essence of the hero is 14-3w9fh0rh. This blade on the battlefield can reverse the course of the battle.
The Shield of the Righteous – 1-tj320f. A sacred object is of great value.
The elixir of the observer is 2-b4g9f. They say that this elixir is very powerful.
The Valrun amulet is 3-th34e9f. This amulet is the great legacy of the Hornet people.
Hunting drug – 4-b4e0d9. Favorite drug of the people of Terra. it has a magical power.
Elixir of the artisan is 5-h4309efr. This elixir has a strong, burning, intense and attractive aroma.
Ring of abundance – 6-43bwf09c. This expensive decoration itself attracts the eye.
Return of the hero – 7-hrwdgsc8. The heart of an angel can breathe life into the body of the sufferer.
Valuable parchment is 8-3gw9f8. This sealed parchment carries a message of great importance.
Secrets of determination – 9-2gwd89. This ax from the collection of Yucca is able to defeat even the most terrible monsters.
The Royal Egg is 10-3g9w8f. This egg contains opportunities, great and terrifying.
Unearthly armor – 11-3wg9fg8. This egg contains opportunities, great and terrifying.
Chest of contentment – 12-zwe23ew0. The owner of this artifact awaits great wealth.
The sacred scroll is 13-z039rhod. Who owns the information, owns the world. And this information can change the course of history.Cheats open artifacts of the maximum 25 level.

Tap Titans hack

Cheats for heroes Tap Titans, not mod:

You can also hire a minion who will help you in the battle with monsters:

1) Takeda Shadowblade – 5-fr2938f
2) Contessa carrying the torch – H-fh23g9f
3) Hornetta. queen of the valruns – h-fbg9238
4) Mila, the master of the hammer – 9-1fc98fw
5) Terra, the warrior of the earth – 6-gb438e9g
6) Inquisitor terrible – u-gnh390e
7) Charlotte, elected – u-vcnslei9
8) Yucca, master of the ax – X-bg398wf
9) Milo and the clang of clocks – e-skl3oc
10) Lord Mace merciless – n-329fg8
11) Gertrude Kosavo – L-12rfdw8
12) Twittertella the birdwoman – S-fh2309f
13) Master Hawk, lord of the loft – y-zw1wq;
14) Elfa, the keeper of stones – D-zrwiedh

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