Taps to Riches free Gems & Cash for Android, not download mod

Taps to Riches is a clicker in which you can become rich and to dispose of millions. But before that you need to grow and start with the bottom. Develop a city, build office buildings, invest money in new directions. For a successful passing game, you will need some secrets. They will help the owners of Android & iOS devices to get a lot of money and diamonds on his own expense fast and free. This will give you a quick leap in the development and raise the level. Every 25 levels you’ll be able to upgrade your purchase. This increases the speed of getting money and will double your profits. To successfully complete the game, you need to select a building bringing more money and be aimed at the long term.

Codes Taps to Riches:

  • 999 Trillion Cash – JTOZ26TH* LD
  • 2780 Gems – 0DIGBGJO* EY
  • 8650 Gems – K129JDV0* EH

Hack Taps to Riches will provide free crystals. This will take you to the level of successful players. Hack Taps to Riches will provide free crystals. For faster through the game you can connect the game your Facebook account, it will provide an opportunity to get more keys, and open the boxes more often. Now players do not need to view an advertisement for VIP bonuses and extra points. Gems allow you to connect consultants to solve complex problems, because it is better to delegate the challenges for more experienced workers than you are. Thus you will learn, gain experience and understand the essence of the investment.

These cheat codes will allow you to get a lot of money Taps to Riches without downloading mods. To use this method, you do not need to enter personal information, or obtain root or jailbreak the device rights which makes this method safe. So, if you have the money in the game, it will help you to increases your profits in 5 times. Increase your wealth faster with free purchases.

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