Tasty Town Cheat Codes for Diamonds and Gold for Android and iOS for free

Meet a new casual game in which you can build your own restaurant. Use the hack Tasty Town without downloading mod to not spend real money. This has already helped many players. Do you want to join the number of these lucky ones? Then, rather, access unlimited resources in the form of gold coins and diamonds. With the help of these virtual money, you can develop a household near your restaurant and receive many additional free ingredients for your stunning dishes. Use the cheats of Tasty Town and open in your restaurant different cuisines of the world. Do you need virtual money and a place in your restaurant? Everything is interconnected. You have a huge territory in order to expand the perimeter of your establishment. Be sure to take this opportunity to ensure that the restaurant had a lot of free space and a pleasant atmosphere that would please the visitors. Also, you must properly place the kitchen so that the cook and the waiter can work comfortably.

Cheat Codes Tasty Town is free for Android and IOS:

  • Get 9,000 Diamonds – S-f023t9w38fh to buy Vip Resources
  • 73 000 Gold Coins – A-fh0f384ht0e, will help you to purchase new items and products in the game store
  • Enter the code V-gh3094ghe to block advertising in the game.

You never know what your client will prefer. Delicious dessert, fragrant pastries, fresh bread, a hamburger or maybe sushi? This is why you should act very quickly, since you have only one and a half minutes to deliver the customer his food. It would seem that this time should be enough. But the problem is that customers can be very much. Of course, this is good, because the profit of the restaurant will begin to grow in the gerometric progression. In this case, you can make your restaurant even more beautiful and attractive for customers. Perhaps you want to build a pool near the entrance, so that customers can have fun?

Diamonds and Gold Coins without downloading mod Tasty Town:

Yes, it is quite possible. You can get all these resources without mod downloading and improve the gameplay several times. If you want to use additional game currency, then do it with free codes, because this is the simplest and safest method. And then your restaurant will be the most beautiful and popular in the whole district. Develop not only your institution. In order to purchase new products, you need a farm. Hire new employees and waiters, as you can not manage on your own. Having gained a lot of experience and knowing the secrets Tasty Town, you can become the best chef and entrepreneur.

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