The binding of Isaac: Rebirth free Android, more Coins and cheat codes

The binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of the game to your mobile device, from the developer Nikalis. Here, the player will see a combination of several genres. The battles take place in classic shooter, but it has developed elements of RPG. The game will appeal to fans these genres, as well as Gothic and gloomy graphics. According to the plot you are a child who found himself in a dark basement. In it you will meet a lot of different monsters. Also in the process of passing the treasures found. They allow you to change the character and have unique abilities. They will be useful in order to save the child from the mysterious inhabitants of the basement.

Cheats The binding of Isaac: Rebirth:

  • Full version for free – UO35-SYKS-H3
  • 15 000 coins, code – JOVC-51VV-C4

A remake of the game fully displays its predecessor, with some changes at the mobile optimization. In the game you will be available to improve more than 500 modifications. Useful items are scattered throughout the levels and are fairly common. It diversifies the gameplay and allows you to change the situation and the nature of the battle. Many players are looking for mods The binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They allow you to discover all modifications free of charge.

Secret codes allow the player to get a little money for purchases. This allows you to grow faster in the game and unlock new levels. Purchase of items will enable faster to combat enemies and bosses. Control of the game is carried out with two fingers will be more comfortable to play with a joystick. This allows you to respond more quickly to change the situation. The dynamics of the game is high, this requires you to accuracy of movements.

You can help your child overcome these terrible nightmares. Help him to escape from the terrible monsters living in his basement. Isaac can be saved thanks to the large arsenal of items, weapons and modifications. You can get them using cheats The binding of Isaac: Rebirth and receiving money for the purchase. Interesting adventure awaits you. Together with the given the secrets you can often open chests and try out all modes.

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