The Dark Castle Hack and cheats for Diamonds for Android and iOS for free, without mod

Hack The Dark Castle will allow you to get a lot of gold coins and diamonds without mod downloads. Do you want to achieve really high results in the game, or are you just wondering, what further hides in itself an awesome dungeon? Then do not pull. Specifically, the method that we offer you can not be called breaking. Hacking is something that violates the rights or rules of something. The usual hacking to this game, which you can find on many sites, makes players risk, and in ninety percent of cases, it does not do any good at all – only disappointment. If you are tired of this and want to get a reliable method, then rather enter the cheats of The Dark Castle and get free diamonds and gold coins. In fact – it’s very easy and simple. You can get even more resources in the game for free and use them for different purposes. In the game store there are a lot of different game items that are designed to develop the game. You can choose and buy any of them.

Cheats The Dark Castle for Android:

79,000 Gold Coins – IU_Fg938wehd
9,200 Diamonds – VD_Dd923g8rei
Double EXP – AM_Rg239wie
If you have already decided to descend into a terrible dungeon, then be careful. Many years ago, brave warriors locked up thousands of monsters, dragons, witches and other evil spirits. You have to go through the whole level and stay alive – this is your main task. But with this, do not forget to boldly fight monsters and earn bonuses in order for your hero to have additional strength for the battle.

Secrets of the game The Dark Castle and receiving free diamonds and gold coins:

The faster you can get a lot of virtual currency, the more chances you have to get to the main boss and destroy it. Go out into the arena and fight with skeletons, which only seem at first glance hilenkimi. In fact, they deftly use the sword.

You have to go through a terrible long and thorny path to freedom. Collect the necessary items and earn real experience. All this will allow you to become a champion and again overcome the dark forces. To enter secret codes, you do not have to download The Dark Castle mod. Just share this article with your friends on social networks and easily enter secret cheats.

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