The Great War: Total Conflict Cheats for Diamonds, Fuel for free, Android

You like fierce tank battles and battles, but do not you want to spend money on the game? Then use the free hack The Great War: Total Conflict. It will allows you without any exaggeration to become the best general, to build a strong army of different units of technology and get a lot of experience. Experience is a very important element. Almost as important as the game currency. With it, you can defeat the strongest and richest opponent, even if you have much less resources than him.

Remember to create a reliable and solid military base, which will serve as shelter and protection. This database will store all the necessary resources that you can get using the cheats The Great War: Total Conflict. The use of gold, diamonds and fuel is a necessity in this game process, but you will not be able to get them for free in the gaming shop if you want to use classical methods (that is, purchases in the gaming shop).

Cheat codes The Great War: Total Conflict:

• 2,300 Diamonds – B_39uefse3
• 60 \ 60 Fuel – V_84eisjw9
• 20X weapons – H_34ebsij5

You have the opportunity to receive long-awaited diamonds, fuel and weapons, which will allow you to make a quick start in the game. Battles take place in different locations. First you can watch the competing armies near, but during the battle you can control or watch the whole situation from above. Go through the entire game card from beginning to end and become the winner in this war.

Diamonds, Fuel and Weapons without downloading the mod The Great War: Total Conflict:

This game is currently available for all Android devices, as soon as you can download it for Ios from the official site – enter the same codes that you see above. They are available for all gaming devices. You do not need to break the rules and download the mod. Use the codes for free purchases and become the new leader in the game The Great War: Total Conflict.

During the battle, you will be able to receive notifications of losses. Both on your side and on the part of the opponent. Depending on the terrain and weather conditions, you can equip and buy your warriors different equipment of different colors and heat levels. In order to make no problems and repeatedly use the bonus codes, you must share this article in social networks. This is a prerequisite that will give you access to the instructions.

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