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The Sun: Evaluation mod is an exciting shooter, in which you have an important mission. Everyone foresaw a worldwide catastrophe, but no one could stop the disaster. The energy of the sun shattered the galaxy. In space, tons of radiation scattered to make equality on the entire planet. Many lucky people disappeared into the bunkers, who believed in what would happen soon. On earth, chaos and death reigned, all who were not in the bunkers, died. You need to go to the surface and find out what the losses are, and what you need to restore life on earth. You will need many lives, because oxygen ends in your tank, and with cheats The Sun: Evaluation, you will have an endless life, and you can not worry for it. And then you can help start life to all survivors.

The Sun: Evaluation cheats for Android:

  • To get an infinite life in the game, use the code – SL46rhfb38

Hack The Sun: Evaluation on Android and iOS, will give you the opportunity to get an endless life in the game. All our cheat codes are absolutely free. You do not need to download fashions or buy special rights on devices. The Sun Lite Beta codes can be used many times, and all the time for free. You do not need to worry about security, since all cheat codes are completely safe for any of your devices. If you do not already know how to use such cheats, then follow the link below on the site, and see the details on the use.


In 2050, the sun emitted an extreme amount of energy into the space, plunging our planet into chaos for centuries.

It was predicted by many. Astrologists, extrasensory experts, top scientists, astronomers world level symposiums, forums and conferences all around the world were trying to be heard by the governments which bogged down in world redistribution.

No, they didn’t believe, but putting off problem to the back burner, they tried to ignore to the symptoms and signs up to the moment when became too late.
After the emission, a large amount of radioactive particles were thrown into space, which eventually found the Earth to equalize bad and good, rich and poor, military enemies, friends and opponents. Small amounts of people survived, the people who were prepared and listened the warnings of the scientists.

Vigilant survivors had hidden in the bunkers built in case of nuclear war. On the surface, radioactive death was collecting it’s harvest, killing, changing and redesigning the world.

Chaos and hunger become the norm on Earth. Food and water became the most valuable things in the world.

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