The Tiger Cheat Codes for Gems, Gold for free, Android and iOS Secrets and Tips

If you want to get a lot of virtual resources and improve your tiger in the game The Tiger, then rather use our secrets, thanks to which you do not need to break the rules and get any rights to hack the game. An interesting idea of ​​the game was liked by so many gamers who want to see what the real jungle looks like and want to become part of the wildlife. You can do this easily and simply. In order to make your game management more comfortable, and the gameplay does not limit you in action, you can use the hack The Tiger, which will allow you to earn Crystals and Gold Coins without using additional tricks or secrets. You can wander through the jungle and at the same time not be afraid of danger, because you are a tiger, and he is the top of the food chain. In order to survive you need to kill animals that come across you on the way. But sometimes it’s not as easy as you think.

Cheat codes for The Tiger for Android and Ios:

• 40 000 Gold Coins – V_84bweifd
• 3 000 Gems – B_56dbcjskc

As in all games, this game has secrets that will be available only to the player who already has enough experience in the game and a fairly high level. You can see the real wonders of reincarnation of the tiger using the cheats The Tiger. These codes for free purchases can be entered many times, but remember that you do not need to do this too often.

Do I need to download mod The Tiger, the secrets of the game, getting coins and crystals:

One thing is for sure and unequivocal – you do not have to download a mod, because this method has a dubious reputation, besides, our codes work only for the official version of the game. So enjoy hunting in the wild and earn a lot of experience without using dangerous methods.

Gold coins and Gems The Tiger are not all that you need. You can unlock the rare white tiger and even hunt in whole flocks. Alone, you will not be able to kill large prey, so it’s better to play with your friends. Add your tiger a maximum of lives, skills and stamina. This will allow him to show the maximum of what he is capable of.


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